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We help organisations realise the significant commercial benefits of retaining their high achieving women and improving engagement during this critical life stage

Maternity Transition – a Catalyst for Change

Our Maternity Coaching programme supports women before, during and after maternity leave to manage successfully this important transition in the context of their professional lives.

There is enough evidence that gender diversity at the top delivers better business results.  But studies indicate that the maternity transition is the major career pinchpoint, potentially limiting the pool of women available for senior positions.  The decision to start a family often happens at a highpoint in a woman’s career. Firms that support women through this phase successfully have a distinct competitive advantage.

What the Business Gains

Research-backed, a Tried and Tested Formula

We are proud of our affiliation with the Executive Coaching Consultancy in the UK, pioneers and leaders in maternity coaching since 2005. Tapping into their considerable research, expertise and experience, our clients enjoy the same high standard of content and delivery in Africa.